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Helping you fall in love with your body since 2003

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Don’t put your health in the hands of someone with minimal experience or track record. 

Nothing matters most to us than you get the results you want. We're all about providing you with excellent service, excellent prices and excellent results.

Train with a team of friendly, professional, and knowledgeable fitness trainers.

No matter what your preferences or current abilities, we will cater the perfect workout for you. Your success is the reason why we're here!

Hi, I’m Marlon

Fitness is not just my passion, it’s my life!

Having worked out for over 30 years, I’ve seen many things come and go in the fitness industry.

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the search for quality information and guidance when it comes to working out, losing weight, and building muscle.

I have created a system that combines various modes of training to effectively help you reach your fitness goals, whether that is losing 30 pounds or gaining 30 pounds —and keeping it that way.

C’mon over to my place!  Let me show you what your body is truly capable of.

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Marlon Bailey, Owner

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Private Sessions


Our flagship one on one private training, helps you achieve real fitness results (the sexy kind of real), as fast as possible, in a caring, safe and non-intimidating environment.

Contest Prep

Become the Best You


Access a special team, the knowledgeable, actual competitors kind of pros, committed to get your body in amazing shape so you can stand out from the crowd —and rock that stage!


Sessions for Women


Goodbye dull & repetitive workouts that bore you out of your mind. Hello small group sessions: fun, effective & affordable workouts with pro trainers, perfect for beginners and intermediates.


Team of Expert Trainers

Train with the best experts in bodybuilding field. Your results will speak. Try latest exercising trends, innovative and special Training plans.

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Happy Customers
Train with the best experts in bodybuilding field. Your results will speak. Try latest exercising trends, innovative and special Training plans.

I did the semi-private personal training classes. It was a great experience. The staff is very friendly, the trainers are truly knowledgeable and committed to their work, and the facility is clean and tidy. I noticed a significant improvement in my energy and fitness levels, and I had a great time. 

Valerie P.

I definitely recommend this gym!

Being overweight, joining a gym was intimidating to say the least but Chris made me feel at ease from the very beginning. His motivation, encouragement & ever-changing workouts keep it fresh & fun while challenging you to push yourself a little further every time. 

Lisa Woods

Working out with Chris has been amazing!