Physical Therapy

In-House Licensed Physical Therapist to Keep You Fit & Well

Physical Therapy

Injury Recovery

Post Injury Recovery


Don’t let an injury prevent you from working out.

At Precision Personal Training, under the watchful eye of a physical therapist, we work with your injuries and modify your training program so that you can continue to reach your fitness goals. Be it getting over a new injury, recovering from a old nagging injury, or getting back to the shape you were in before your injury. We can provide you a treatment program to both rehab and strengthen any weakness or injury you may have.

We make it possible to incorporate your physical therapy treatment along side your strengthening program, so you are not wasting your time doing ineffective movements.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Individualized, hands-on, one-on-one treatments

Injury Prevention & Wellness

Keeping you healthier, stronger, faster, and able to perform at your highest levels

Specific Training

On conditions such as muscle strain, tendinitis, back pain, etc.


Movement Analysis

 In-depth analysis of your functional movements, postures and movements


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