Pilates Mat Classes

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Pilates Mat Classes

Try one of our Pilates Mat Classes! Pilates Mat class is a somatic practice that was designed by Joseph Pilates for everyone. This practice combines mind, body, and spirit to help practitioners to live a balanced stress-free life. A mat class consists of a large focus on core control, pelvis stability, and postural alignment. Clients will gain an increase of core strength, flexibility, lean balanced muscles, and body awareness. Pilates has been recognized as a practice that improves back pain and is used as a rehabilitation program for injuries.


All levels of physical fitness are welcome to take this class.


Equipment Recommended: Mat, towel, and water bottle.

Tue: 9:30am, 7:15pm 

Thur: 9:30am, 7:15pm 

Sat: 9:30am

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