So far have had a wonderful experience at Precision Personal Training… My son was struggling with his weight for several years… Have put him with other programs that he was not happy with, therefore, did not give full effort… Decided to give PPT a try and so far it seems to be working perfectly… If there is a drawback it is the fact that it is a bit on the expensive side… Trainer, Chris Mayez, works great with my son… Not only in the gym, but also is a friend to him… Calling and texting him after hours, just to check up on him and give him advice… Chris is dedicated to Julian, as all his clients… He brings out the best in my son and consistently motivates him to do better… Not much more you can do as a trainer… Definitely appreciate everything he has done and continues to do for my son… The staff at PPT is welcoming and friendly… It is like one big happy family once you go through the doors… Everyone saying hi to you and asking how you are doing and even going back and forth in conversation… It is a fun and energetic atmosphere… Would definitely recommend it to anyone and have done so…


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