Home Maker

Age: 42

“ Great Facility! Great People! Great Results! Precision has been an answer to prayers for me. I have finally found a place and people that have met my every need in the essence of fitness, nutrition, and taking a step towards changing my life. The people are absolutely amazing. Every person that works in the facility has a personal interest in each and every client that walks through the doors. They all exude a spirit of excellence and provide quality customer service on a daily basis. Joining the Precision family has afforded me the opportunity to gain more knowledge about my body, training and nutrition. I have more confidence, energy and a stronger desire to make fitness one of my top priorities. If you are looking for a place that is equipped with all the needed resources and people that will encourage, edify and motivate you (as you prepare to continue or start a life changing experience through fitness) then look no further. Precision is the right place for you.”


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