Age: 33

“Ever since I was little, I’ve had problems with my left leg & foot. 3 surgeries later I was literally in desperate need of getting some mobility and strength back in my leg/foot, at the same time getting motivated to workout again and get in shape.
“I thank God literally everyday I get up to workout. For years I have struggled with my leg and foot and have gone through multiple trainers who have taken my money, not cared, saw no results and not even dedicated to help you. I needed help. At Precision Personal Training, the whole staff is great. Each trainer is unique, each willing to motivate the clients to get in shape, at the clients convenience and make it fun. They all focus on it!

A totally different person after my workouts! My mood is a 360* turnaround. I am truly grateful for my trainer Alex! He has been my lifesaver. He has helped me get back some mobility and I have gotten so much strength back that I can’t thank him enough. He is super dedicated and knowledgeable, cares, and has great passion for what he does in each session. His circuit trainings are based on what I can do due to my limitations and pushes me, at the same time, to meet my needs and goals. You see results. I find myself doing exercises I thought I was never able to do or was never pushed or motivated to do. I’ve had a lot more energy too! I will continue to fully get my mobility and strength back thanks to Alex. He is the Best!”