You know in your heart that you could do better…that you could feed yourself healthier…that you could be more active. To my parents…you know you need to show your children a better you so they can be a better them…BUT…you are just SO TIRED!

And this “tired you” is holding back the “you that you want to be”.

Don’t be so hard on yourself! However, you need to take responsibility for your choices and actions (or lack thereof). JUST START. Give yourself until the end of this weekend. Jot down a short and long term goal and then come Monday…ITS ON!

We are going to start slow so that we can maintain. Kind of like a long distance runner instead of a sprinter. Sprinters can’t keep up that speed for very long.

What first you ask? How about we start with taking out 1 or 2 things that you know you shouldn’t be eating or drinking versus adding in stuff that doesn’t come naturally to you yet.

You KNOW you don’t need the soda or juice or sweet treat…yes you know! Get it out of your house. Just don’t buy anymore. And YES, you really CAN throw it away. Maybe you could stand to introduce some water in to your life: One extra glass at a time.

Start small and build on your changes each week.

We are going to offer some weekly challenges. If you are up to it, please accept them because we can’t wait to meet the “you” that you want to be.