As the New Year settles in…the hype is over, as we try to stick to our fitness goals and keep them in action, the questions surrounding the best way to lose weight are asked and debated over and over. There are thousands of different ideologies, tips, short cuts and methods clouding the way. If you are fortunate enough to have a certified, knowledgeable professional by your side to help you plan your road map to success, you will probably be more efficient in meeting your goals. But for those of you who plan to go it alone, here are some simple tips to clear a lot of the clutter out there.

Weight loss is usually a simple mathematical equation…adding and subtracting calories. In the beginning don’t get side tracked with nonsense and gimmicks. You simply have to burn more calories than you are taking in. Period.

Stop worrying about what you should be eating and focus on cleaning up the things you KNOW that you should not be eating. It starts at the supermarket…just don’t buy it! Your entire family will benefit from a little less sugar and junk in their lives.

DON’T skip meals. You will only do more damage by starving yourself. Get your eating habits on a schedule. Your body will respond better to a set schedule.

Try not to snack/eat before you go to sleep. This seems to be the killer habit to kick for so many. You don’t need that many calories to sleep. This is the time your body fights off things, heals and stores fat. The more extra food (aka: calories) you have in your tummy, the more your body gets to store away for a rainy day…like on your thighs and belly.

Lastly, get active! Try to find ways to burn a few extra calories. Park a little further away, take the stairs, go for a daily walk, keep a set workout routine. Don’t put it off for tomorrow. Do it NOW so you can feel fabulous tomorrow instead!J Call us today to get started on the NEW you! 305-270-7333