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I am an accomplished Soccer player and NATURAL bodybuilder. I have played just about every sport on a competitive level. I played for the Cayman Islands National Soccer team for 7 years and played varsity soccer for the University of West Florida for 2 years. I have won 11 bodybuilding titles and shows, including overall titles at 2002 MuscleMania Florida and 2002 NGA United States National Bodybuilding Championships. Married and the father of two. Received my BS in Marketing from Florida State University and I am AFTA certified. Married and the father of two, I have been working out for the past 28 years, personal training individuals for the past 21 years, and competed for 8 years.

Having worked out for over 28 years, I have seen many things come and go in the fitness industry. However, one thing that has not changed is the search for quality information and guidance when it comes to working out, losing weight, and/or building muscle. I have created a facility that combines various modes of training that effectively help people reach their goals – whether that is: losing 30 pounds or gaining 30 pounds, getting ready of a special event or just staying healthy, pushing through a plateau or getting back in shape. If you are truly serious about finally reaching your goals, and willing to give 100%…come to the BEST! Your search is over.


Pilates Specialist

I first stepped foot in a gym my freshman year at Florida State and instantly fell in love…In love with both the feeling that doing weights gave me and…with my then boyfriend and now husband…Marlon. All those competitions you may have read about in his Bio…I was there for every pain staking moment! I was coach, training partner, food preparer, choreographer and cheerleader. I lived vicariously through him until I finally got the nerve to do a figure competition of my own. MY biggest battle was Courage. I didn’t know it was a National Qualifier, that’s probably why I did it…and I placed 7th in 24 women. I was VERY proud that I didn’t faint on stage. Before I could avenge my placing the next year, we found out I was pregnant with our first child who caused me to enter the world of Pilates. I needed something to help my ‘out-of-place’ hips and really enjoyed the new style of workout I got doing Pilates. I studied under Nicole Perkovich, who was the facilitator and creator of the materials for the Physical Mind Institute. She has since begun her own certification program and is an amazing Master trainer. I am most grateful for the new way she taught me to see the human body and for providing me with tools to help change peoples’ weakest links. We have since had another little one… so to all the women out there who know how difficult it is to get back in shape after kids and during what seems like the craziest part of your life…you can do it! We’d love to help!

Alex J


I have been involved in athletics and exercise for the majority of my life. I grew up playing every sport imaginable. I went on to play college football at Mount Union College in Ohio where I was fortunate enough to be a part of 2 National Championship teams as a defensive back. In college I was also able to apply my passion for fitness and sports performance by receiving my B.S. in Exercise Science. I began personal training in 2004 in college and fell in love with it. After returning home from college I decided to further my knowledge by becoming an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. With my other passion being emergency medicine, I also became an Emergency Medical Technician and look forward to furthering my career in that area as well. I enjoy the opportunity that training gives me, by allowing me to take my love and passion for exercise and share it with others. I also love the one on one relationship I get to make with so many interesting people. I have worked with people from all training backgrounds and abilities; from highly trained athletes looking to improve their performance, to kids and Grandparents trying to improve their overall fitness levels. As a trainer, my ultimate goal is to improve your overall quality of life by helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. As your trainer I will do everything I can to help you reach those goals and help you have fun doing it.



Many would identify me with one of my true passions…the beauty of movement…exercise.

Since I was little, I was involved in different sport disciplines: Gymnastics, Volleyball, Tennis, Football (soccer) and even Basketball. I also loved to Dance. My feet could run to the sound of a faint or distant musical sound. At 15 years old, I learned to gain strength through physical training. It guided me to a greater lesson… “Perseverance”… My new war cry !

I am a passionate trainer. My methods begin with the transformation of thought. I have seen the result of saying “Yes!”, when everything seems to indicate “no”. I enjoy creating versatile workouts, routinely aiming for more advancement, and teaching how to practice good eating habits. I think we are all able to start over and commit to what is best for our health. Over the years, I have seen how bodies change, and how the interest in loving and respecting it either begins or increases. At the same time, this new realization changes both the way we see things and, in turn, our priorities.

I want with all my heart what I do, because I understood from a very young age, that what we value and care for most, is what requires dedication and effort.

I receive, with open and strong arms, all those who wish to renew themselves in an integral way: mind, soul and body; since these three have to be involved in sports and exercise. I always hope to anchor all my clients in these practical ideas. I am pleased to meet you and motivate you in the process.



I am highly passionate about helping people set and achieve goals. Struggling with obesity from early childhood until my late 20’s has given me insight and a first-hand knowledge of “the struggle”. Having to overcome my personal urges and overcome my weight issues, I understand both the downfalls and possibilities of not only a workout regimen, nutritional support, and social support. When you have had enough, believe in yourself enough, and have the right support – the possibilities are endless. Born and raised here in Miami and have been in the fitness industry four years. I am NASM Personal Training Certified + Corrective Exercise Specialist aspiring to become a motivational speaker and help as many people look good and feel better as possible. If you are ready to make that change, there is no better time than today!



I have been athletic throughout my entire life, participating in gymnastics and track during my early years in school. I fell in love with weight training during my career in the army where I served as a Master Fitness Drill Instructor. The discipline and diligence that I applied during those years in the military I still use today. As a mother of three boys, my health and wellness are a vital part of my life. I am a CPR/NSCA certified personal trainer. I specialize in boot camps & kids fitness classes as well as personal training sessions that incorporate strengthening and toning, cardiovascular endurance and muscle building. My goal is to help my clients to obtain their optimum level of fitness and to have fun doing it. I believe that overall fitness, health and wellness have to come from a lifestyle change that incorporates proper diet and nutrition as well as a regular exercise regimen. I aim to provide fun, challenging and diverse sessions to maintain my own balanced state of wellness and to help clients achieve theirs.



Growing up, I was always the smallest kid in school. Short, not very strong or athletic, and skinny; although I ate everything in sight, I had a very fast metabolism. Eventually when I got into high school I started weight training, and although my body type made it difficult to build muscle size, I developed strength and coordination through lifting weights and it made me better in sports and recreational activities. With over 16 years of weight training experience now, I have developed the right tools for even the hardest of body types to gain muscle. Along with my 16 years of experience, I have a physics and mathematics degree along with some coursework in the human movement system. I am certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

My training philosophy is about being the strongest “you” that you can be, as it will help in long-term health and also gives you more physical freedom, as you grow older. I am a strong proponent of posture and movement. Your training, risk of injury and overall quality of life will jump to an entirely different level with proper form and range of motion. My goal as a trainer is not only to transform your body, but also to educate you on how to adapt your lifestyle to be healthy, long lasting, active and injury free. Money cannot buy happiness nor buy health, but a healthy lifestyle that you CHOOSE to live is an important component of long-term happiness. 



I have always been active in different sports and activities such as volleyball, softball, basketball, and racquetball. After graduating from high school, I found myself working in the corporate world which required long hours, high levels of stress, and a lot of time away from my family. I’m a wife and mother of two (17 & 13). My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle while enjoying a better quality of life. I enjoy exercising to ensure I reach the goals that I have set for myself while giving my clients the same opportunity. I have my NASM CPT, CES Certifications. My goal as a personal trainer is to help my clients understand that the key to a healthier lifestyle and living a better quality of life must include a balanced diet and nutrition plan along with a regular exercise plan and a commitment to follow through with it. I understand that as we get older, safety is an important part of any exercise program. To keep clients away from injury, I will focus on those muscles that are not normally used or haven’t been used due to a non-active lifestyle while challenging those that are used on a daily basis. This will help improve their balance, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular system while toning and losing weight.

ingrid personal trainer miami



My devotion and preparation as a personal trainer stems from my athletic upbringing and my career in football and bodybuilding. Through my college career as an athlete I was highly recruited for my fitness and speed but also the tenacity to inspire maximum effort from the team. Individually I believe people have their own goal or threshold b/c truthfully we are all different in respect.


As your personal trainer I believe in setting realistic goals with the emphasis on achieving not failure. Each person has an objective and I will not quit nor allow you to quit while simultaneously motivating you to reach our target. Weight loss has a stigma for being boring and difficult but I truly believe fitness can be fun and spirited. I don’t believe in quick fixes but working towards a goal takes a little effort. My format is not to reinvent the wheel but to simplify lifestyle changes guided with proper education, technique and consistency. If you want to take your body to the next level, I am your guy!

ingrid personal trainer miami

Alex G 


Growing up I was always an active kid, who loved to be outside playing sports, riding bike, swimming, and coming up with fun activities to keep the neighborhood kids and I entertained. I started lifting weights during my freshmen year in high school that’s when I really started getting into training.

I joined my high school football team and played until I suffered an unfortunate wrist injury. After recovering from my injury I moved on to practicing self-defense & martial arts. However, my fitness journey was not easy. Just like everyone else, I have had my struggles and fell off during college. Towards the middle of my bachelor’s degree, I gained a lot of weight. Lets just say forget about the freshman 10, but I caught myself and decided to get back to being active. I remember being unhappy with the shape I found myself in and decided to turn things around and get back into shape.

Now I am a certified personal trainer with a passion for fitness. I hope to pass on my knowledge of fitness and wellness to others who want a healthier and happier lifestyle!

ingrid personal trainer miami



 Ever since I was young, I always loved being active. I always had to be moving, whether it be running, biking, dancing, skateboarding, soccer, basketball, swimming, etc. As I got older, I stepped into a gym not realizing what I was getting myself into. After multiple gym memberships and failed fitness regimens, I decided to work with a personal trainer. That is the moment my true love for fitness was unleashed. Facing new challenges motivates to grow mentally and physically stronger, whether your goal be to gain muscle or build endurance. Growing up my dad was a professional chef so nutrition has always been an important role in my life. My biggest success in life will be making sure everybody around me and everyone I love is healthy and happy!


My goal is to help clients adopt exciting exercises that they love to improve their everyday lives. I strive to continue my education through modern research, workshops and different certifications. Everyday we learn something new whether it be somebody you work with or somebody you don’t know. Everyday is an opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself!

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