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Online Workouts

If you are in a crunch for time, have the drive to workout at home, can not make it to the gym because of schedule, kids, distance or simply would like to change up your current routine with one of our proven methods, our on line training program may be for you. Take a look at our affordable options, have one of our personal training programs delivered directly to your computer at a click of a button.

Here are your options:

Online Workout PDF

You can chose from 1 to 5 workouts routines. Each workout will set up a kick butt workout designed by us to give you an awesome workout at home or simply add it to your current gym routine. They include warm up, workouts, useful tips and stretches.


  • 1 workout routine $19.99
  • 3 workout routines $79.99
  • 5 Workout routines $129.99

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Workout Video

If you are a beginner, have not been active in a while and need a little more coaching by visual references, try our awesome video workouts. These workouts give you a visual reference on proper from, how each exercise should look, a personal trainer to guide you through your workout.


  • Fat burning workout
  • Strength/size gain workout
  • Conditioning/ cardio workout
  • Coordination/ Agility workout
  • Senior workout
  • Kids weight loss workout

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Online Video/Take Home Videos Routines

If you live in the area, we can construct your own personal video. We will go though a workout specifically designed for you at our Pinecrest Fl studio. You also have the option to record you workout, so you will always have it as a reference guise. Whatever your level or goals, we are here to provide you results!


  • 1 workout routine $39, add $19 for personal video
  • 3 workout routines $99, add $49 for personal video
  • 5 Workout routines $149, add $69 for personal video

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Ready to get some real results?! Sick and tired of how your current routine has been working for you? Schedule a complementary workout with us today. We will work to prove that our system can bring about real changes in your life.