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The Ultimate One-on-One Training Program

Our flagship program, this personal training program offers a non-intimidating environment, helping you achieve real results (the sexy kind of real). We make sure that you are successful in reaching and maintaining your goals.

As a leader in the fitness industry, we caution you to not take the choice of who you workout with lightly. Don’t put your health in the hands of someone with little to no experience or track record. Knowing how to add doesn’t mean you can be a math teacher.

What’s in It for You

private studio

large-gym-like amenities

non-intimidating atmosphere

'your' results driven

budget friendly

Most people have no idea about all of the different methods of exercise programs floating around out there, so they follow the path the herds take and succumb to feeling lost and intimidated once they walk into many of the large gyms (ie: meat markets) or “fad” workouts.

There is, however, another path…we like to think of it as a better path.

Our facility is a private studio that features many of the amenities of a large gym minus the intimidating environment, as everyone you see here is just as results driven as you.

It may be daunting for you to not know how to get started, but that is where we come in – we will work with you to figure out an ideal program that will help you to get results and fit your budget.

Wanna get healthier, fitter & sexier safely, faster & ditch extra weight, exhaustion & weakness for good?

So come over to test drive our fitness studio. Book your complimentary workout today.

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20 Years of Specialization in

progress training


Are you ready to take your body to another level? Tired of not seeing results? Are you ready to finally be in the shape you know you are destined for. We are committed to shredding body fat, dropping pounds off the scale, gaining strength and sculpting the dream body you never thought you could achieve.
strength training


Let us help you get your body lean and sculpted. If you have tried working out on your own, you know it’s difficult to stay motivated and push yourself safely and adequately to see actual gains. Lets us build a balanced strength training program for you.

At Precision Personal Training we are dedicated to helping you discover the incredible benefits of strength training. Get ready to build muscle, boost confidence, and become the best version of yourself.

exercise for seniors


It’s time to embrace a healthier more active lifestyle. As we age stiffness, osteoporosis, muscle loss, flexibility loss and the loss of balance is a real thing. We have seasoned certified trainers, who have been personal training for 10, 15, and 20 plus years that can help you navigate work workouts through the aging process. We understand that every stage of life requires a different method of training, with age appropriate exercises and knowledgeable trainers.
back on your feet


Calling all stay-at-home moms or individuals who have been outside of the workout loop for some time…who are ready to prioritize their well-being and embrace a healthier lifestyle. If you are ready to make some you time and take back just a hour a day for yourself, we got you! At Precision Personal Training, we understand the unique challenges you face, and we’re here to help you rekindle your fitness journey in a supportive, flexible and empowering environment.

Why Choose Us

Our safe training keeps injuries at bay

If you’re worried about injury or have an injury that may prevent you from starting a fitness regimen,we have a complete team of knowledgeable and friendly trainers to guide your every step.

We insist on personalizing your approach

You may have never worked out before, or may be a professional athlete, so we’ll build a program to suit your unique fitness level. We offer flexible programs in 30, 45, and 60-minute durations to match your style and schedule.

You just won't want to quit

Workouts with only one or two elements can become dull & boring. Our one-on-one training includes various workouts such as manual resistance, free weights, functional training, machines, stretching and much more. This is the ideal way to keep you exercising injury free. It’s fun & effective, so you just won’t want to quit!

We'll support you on your entire journey

We’ve watched overweight clients lose from 10 to 200 pounds. We’ve seen new and seasoned moms get rid of jiggle and cellulite. And we’ve cheered the bodybuilders as they increased their strength and muscle mass, going from skinny to amazing. All under our caring & guiding eye.

Fun and relaxed evironment for adults, Trainers are awesome! I loved it. Children’s classes are awesome too! Very much recommended!!!!

Ingrid S

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Best training ever! Sonja is amazing!!!

Lori G

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The best!!!!

Joanna H

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If you are looking for a good workout, look no further than this little place that offers big gains. Great trainers with different training styles for everyone.

Wayne B

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