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Bringing you lasting fitness RESULTS for nearly 2 decades.

Give us 60 minutes and we’ll give you proof we are the best in Miami.

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Semi Private

the unbelievable easy & fun way to beat exhaustion and weakness

Pro Pilates

discover the safe, low impact way to shape a body you’ll love

Competition prep

stop wasting time, access the plan the real pros follow to rock that stage!


ditch the self-consciuous gym, and get a lean & strong body in record time

Proven Results since 2003

2 decades shaping strong & sexy bodies 1 person at a time

Why put your heath and weakness in the hands of someone with no proven track record?

At Precision Personal Training you will find the perfect mix of a family environment, fitness, safety, cleanliness, knowledge, and professionalism – all in a Private environment. We take pride in helping you get the most out of your workouts, by designing a program that fits both your goals and your fitness level.

We have licensed experienced trainers who will keep you accountable, motivated and most importantly safe, with age appropriate exercises.We work by appointment only, and every one in the facility is working out with one of our certified trainers.

Give us a try! We know you will love working out with us. We only need 60 minutes to sho you why we are the best personal training facility in Miami.

Personal Training with precision

Our Miami Studio in Pinecrest

Our personal training works with precision. That is the edge that has kept our studio thriving for 20 years! What do you have to lose? If you are tired of not seeing results and would like to finaaaly love your body…schedule a workout. You’ll thank us later!

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Tain with seasoned fitness professions in strength training, cardio, pilates and competition prep. Try the latest exercise trends OR simply work with our knowledgeable trainers from general health, strength and mobility. We will keep you accountable, keep the exercises interesting, and keep you on track with achieving your fitness goals.

Let you results be the ultimate judge!

Call 305-270-7333 or book your complimentary workout session today.

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The single biggest obstacle to getting fit and losing weight, is the erroneous idea that it CAN’T happen to me. That you have tried in the past, been injured or can’t stick with a program for very long. The past is such a lousy predictor of your future…and we believe with the right motivation and guidance…YOU CAN DO IT!

So, go ahead and give yourself a real chance to succeed. Pick the training program that is right for you…and let us show you how to achieve your goals.

one on one training

ONE ON ONE Training

Our flagship one on one program, helps you achieve real fitness results (the sexy kind!) quickly, in a caring, safe and non-intimidating environment.

womens semi private

Women's semi private

Goodbye dull & repetitive workouts that bore you out of your mind. Hello small group fitness: fun, effective & affordable workouts with pro trainers, perfect for beginners and intermediates.

pilates training


Build long, lean muscles, increase your strengh & flexibility, and improve your posture & balance with fun and effective Pilates workouts.

kids training

Kids Training

We love to let kids be kids, allowing them to move their bodies playing off their screens, in fun & affordable fitness classes appropriate for ages 5 to 18.

kids exercise classes

Competition Prep

Access a special team, the knowledgeable, actual competitors pros, committed to get your body in amazing shape so you can stand out from the crowd —and rock that stage!

Online Fitness

In a crunch for time? Work, kids, and never ending to-do’s wreaking havoc on your schedule? Not a problem! Get our personal training programs delivered to you at a click of a button.

Why Choose PPT

7 Signs Our Program Is Good for You

We’re a good fit if you want to exercise in a safe environment, you want results, (you know, the sexy kind!), and up until now …

You’ve been stuck at home gaining weight, but do not feel safe going to a big gym

You’ve hired a personal trainer in the past, or are thinking of doing so, but don’t know who or where to go

You’ve tried doing cardio and at home workouts, but you feel you kinda need more

You’ve taken a few supplements and worked out hard, but your body simply isn’t as lean as you’d hoped

You know you should be working out, but can’t find the motivation or the right, feel-good atmosphere

You’ve done everything to lose that belly jiggle and the icky cellulite, but darn the stubborn rascals just won’t go away

You know you want a knowledgeable and reputable trainer to help you with your goals. Time’s a-wastin’

Can you relate?

If you identified with even only 1 of these scenarios, then you know the value of a proven, systematic fitness program. No crowds. No helter skelter, better-than-nothing workouts. Just the body you deserve to have!

personal training pinecrest

Your 1st workout is on us

Today is the best time to check out the proven program that gets your body real results (you know the sexy kind!)  Zero commitments!

Our strong, body-transforming plans

Scientifically proven programs for your whole body

How many times each week do you waste time wishing you had a better workout routine?

Or worse, even working out at all, feeling exhaustion, tired of body aches and pain, and chronic fatigue, just to end up feeling defeated and ready to give up?

Not anymore! Now you can lose weight, get fit and healthy, safely and fast, with our holistic approach for your entire body. Not only will you get fit, you also boost your energy & strength, improve your overall health, and feel better than ever —at any age!

private workouts

Private Workouts

Feeling self conscious being in a gym? Fear not! Our boutique, by appointment-only studio makes your body fitter and stronger in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

nutrition pro plan

Pro Nutrition Plan

Take charge of your digestive health, and thus the health of your entire body, with step by step nutrition plans chartered by our in-house nutritionist pros.

miami physical therapy

Pro Physical Therapy

Reach your fitness goals despite any injuries, working with certified physical therapists who modify your training program making you unstoppable!

Found this unpretentious training facility searching for a trainer, who would have thought it would be so challenging in a city where wearing less is the norm yet so many trainers do not get back to inquiries. I first called to inquire about more information and the owner-Marlon was very nice and patient with all my questions. He connected me with one of his trainers-Karen. The facility is quaint, located off the beaten path. The equipment is a blend of old school meets new but at the end of the day it's up to YOU to motivate your fitness journey. I would highly recommend this local spot to those who are in search of private personal training.

Mira P.


Precision Personal Training has been my second home for over 6 years. As a former college athlete, I expect a level of expertise from trainers - Precision has always delivered! Chris has been my trainer for most years, and I would never change it up. He is disciplined, timely, motivating, and never settles which keeps me excited for each session. Even on those days where the gym is the last place you want to be - he brings the spirit and boost you need to keep going. Each trainer brings a unique style for their clients, so you'll never be bored with your workouts. Will always recommend this gym!

Nina M.



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Train with the best experts in bodybuilding field. Your results will speak. Try latest exercising trends, innovative and special Training plans.

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