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Ah-mazing bodybuilding so you stand out from the crowd & rock that stage!

Bodybuilding Competition Prep Training

With Been-There-Done-That Competition Pros

Access a special team, the knowledgeable, actual competitors kind of pros, committed to get your body in amazing shape so you can stand out from the crowd —and rock that stage!

We can help you reach that personal goal…stage or no stage.

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20+ Years Maximizing Bodybuilders

Our goal is to get you in the best possible shape for your competition, photo shoot, or appearances.


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Knowledge is power

Know what you must know if you’re serious about bodybuilding. Avoid the costly mistakes wannabes make with training, dieting & competition.

Live Your Dream

Prepare to live your bodybuilding dream following our safe, step by step program to get on stage with flair and confidence.

Make a Name for yourself

If you’ve been on stage before, you know it’s about making a name in the industry. We’ll get you ready to claim —and rock that name!

A whole team backing you

Be part of a team with a proven track record, known and respected by promoters, sponsors and judges.

Why Choose Us

All the help you'll ever need to compete

Access a comprehensive place where you can find all the help you’ll ever need to get on stage, and compete at your highest levels.

Get an entire program or supplement what you need

We have extensive knowledge of competing and getting others show ready. We can put together an entire program for you or just supplement particular areas you need help with.

Zero careless overlooking

Contestants usually overlook many areas, stumbling over the same 3 or 4 things during prep time. We make sure you’re totally prepared and confident come show day —zero careless overlooking

Competitive & Noncompetitive programs

The competitive program: gets you ready to compete in your category and class in 10 to 15 weeks.

The noncompetitive program: gets you in the “before and after”  competition-worthy look, without you actually stepping onto the stage.

Wanna get healthier, fitter & sexier safely, faster & ditch extra weight, exhaustion & weakness for good?

So come over to test drive our fitness studio. Book your complimentary workout today.

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Did you book your complimentary workout already?

Found this unpretentious training facility searching for a trainer, who would have thought it would be so challenging in a city where wearing less is the norm yet so many trainers do not get back to inquiries.

I first called to inquire about more information and the owner-Marlon was very nice and patient with all my questions. He connected me with one of his trainers-Karen. The facility is quaint, located off the beaten path. The equipment is a blend of old school meets new but at the end of the day it’s up to YOU to motivate your fitness journey.

I would highly recommend this local spot to those who are in search of private personal training.

Mira P

Yelp Reviews

If you’ve been looking for a place that will welcome you, guide you and encourage you to meet your goals, Precision Personal Training is the place! I took a chance and I started going to PPT 5 months ago at 51 years old, hoping to lose some weight and gain some muscle…change up my routine a little.

My body and mindset have really transformed. I feel and look better than I have in years! Still can’t believe my before and after pictures…and I’m still improving. Marlon is an incredible person and is committed to help his clients meet their goals. I can’t believe this…but I actually LOVE my body.

Carla Z.

Yelp Reviews

I first came to this gym having hesitations because it is sort of far from where I live and the location is not super pretty, however, I started getting trained by Sonja in the women’s semi-private personal training and this woman works wonders!

She is the only person I will let tell me to do the stuff she has us do! It is hard but sooo worth it. I have and my husband has seen transformations in my body.

I will never go anywhere else as long as we live in Miami 🙂 thank you!!!

Bridget B

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