Women’s Semi Private

Get fit, strong & sexier than ever all while having a blast with your new BFFs

Small Group Fitness

Women’s Semi Private Training

Stop boring, repetitive workouts and try one of our small group sessions. Our Semi-Private Personal Training Program is an efficient and fun workout that is much more affordable that private one-on-one training.

Semi-private training is designed for beginner and intermediate women ready to get in their best shape of their lives. Unlike other types of group training, our sessions are small so that you don’t feel lost way in the back. We make sure to keep an eye on your form so you minimize the likelyhood to get hurt.

Enjoy the advantages of using an indoor facility with all of the amenities that you could possibly need, while still having the advantages of outdoor training without all the wonderful creepy onlookers who love to stare

Rock your 60-minute workout

free weights

resistance bands

medicine balls


kettle bells

TRX bands

body weight

outdoor workouts

Join one of our existing training groups, or you can create your own workout group with your family members and friends. Either way, you are going to have supportive fellow trainees around you, all with similar goals.

You will only be instructed by some of the best certified personal trainers Miami has to offer.

Ready to shape an amazing body, get healthy, save money, and have a ton of fun?

Personal Attention

Get more personalized attention from a certified trainer, but at a fraction of the cost of a private one-on-one class

Go at your own pace

Your age doesn’t matter. Your fitness level doesn’t matter.  Only your deisre to get fit & going at your own pace matters

Pick your own schedule

Weekly sessions occur at specific times and days. You may attend 1, 2 or 3 times a week. Simply pick the schedule convenient for you

Maximize your Training

With a varied mix of cardio and abdominal exercises, strength training and stretching for your ultimate weight loss & toning.

Semi-Private Workout Class Schedule


9am & 6pm


9am & 6pm





Wanna get healthier, fitter & sexier safely, faster & ditch extra weight, exhaustion & weakness for good?

So come over to test drive our fitness studio. Book your complimentary workout today.

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Did You Book Your Complimentary Workout Already?

Sonja runs this class perfectly for all levels of fitness. The workout was amazing and the ladies inspiring.


Mindbodyonline Reviews

I can’t say enough about how motivating, inspiring and tough Karen is. She understands my goals, knows when to push me and when it’s time to take a second to breath, This week though I injured my ankle (not at the gym) and she completely changed up my routine to keep our progress moving forward and also careful of my leg, She’s great and the gym is too. Thanks guys I saw some obliques this week 🙂


Mindbodyonline Reviews

Awesome workout today!! Didn’t stop for a second (except for water). Drenched!!!Yay Sonja!!!!!💪


Mindbodyonline Reviews